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Things I'm Doing - Year of Making 6/365

Today's making: more of Imp's blanket. Starting to see real progress on it, and I love that Imp checks in every day and holds it up to his face to see how soft it is. I can't wait until it's finished.


Tomorrow will be all about meal planning and cooking ahead. Granola bars, banana bread, veggie chili, and whatever else I can think of to get us through the first week of school that starts on Tuesday. All summer we've been kicking it freestyle with picnic-style dinners and eating out. Time to get back to routine. 



Things That Are True - List the Ninth

Recently I cleaned out a closet and unearthed a yarn stash that would be embarrassing in its immensity if it wasn't so awesome to have all that yarn. But I really should put at least some of it to use.

In the spirit of my year of making, which is much on my mind at the moment:

Herewith, Ten Crochet Projects I Plan to Do






Things I'm Doing - Year of Making 5/365

The other day I downloaded Leanne Brown's great cookbook, Good and Cheap. I'm always looking for tasty but inexpensive meals - especially as September approaches and I hear the giant sucking sound of all my money leaving my account for Imp's school. 

Imp and I went through the pages of the cookbook, printing out the ones that looked good and would be easy to make dairy-free. I always try to encourage his interest in real food, so when he requested I make one of the first recipes in the book (which starts quite naturally with breakfast recipes) I couldn't refuse. So tonight we had banana pancakes for dinner. 



Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea.

With homemade rhubarb jam? Delicious!

I also added about 12 rows to Imp's blanket. It's been a good year of making day.