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Things That Are True - Five Random Facts About Me

The inimitable Elan (who frequent readers will already know I adore - but why would I have frequent readers when I have such infrequent posts?) over at Schmutzie has tagged me in an old-school meme to post five random facts about me. Yes, friends, we are blogging like it's 2007! Even though I only started blogging in 2009!



I am sneaking back into the film industry. I spent more than a decade working in it, left to have a family, and have found a side door back in as executive assistant to an executive producer in documentary tv. It's not what I was doing before, and I still miss being an Assistant Director, but the hours are convenient to the realities of parenting a young child, and I'm so delighted to be back working at the intersection of creative and logistics. That is my happy place, where my oddball skill set is best put to use. Maybe in the fullness of time my imdb page will even have a new entry or two.


I don't sleep much. I don't think I ever have. I remember once when I was about six, I went with my mom on a trip to Whitehorse, and we stayed in a hotel. My mom was going out for the evening with friends, and had hired a babysitter to look after me. I'd been promised that I would be allowed to stay up as late as I wanted, and had every intention of staying up all night long. I'm sure the babysitter expected me to conk out early, but no. I was up, man. I remember being furious when she forced me to go to sleep just after midnight. 

Now I consider it a good night's sleep if I get six hours. Most days I get by on about four. I've given up trying to sleep longer than that. I never do (unless I'm actually sick) and waste a bunch of time being irritated that I'm not sleeping. Now when I wake up at 2:45am I just get up and do things. Much more productive and way less angsty.


I almost got a tattoo once. I was in Orlando on a holiday weekend in 1997 with friends and thought I'd get a tattoo on my hip of a virgo symbol. My reasoning was that no matter how I grew and changed as a person my birthday would always be August 24th, so that would be a safe one to get. I went into the shop, started talking to the tattoo guy, and he was kind of creepy. I thought to myself, do I want to let a creepy guy mark me for life? No. So I made polite excuses (I am Canadian, after all) and left.

I don't even believe in astrology.

(Bonus related fact: one of the friends who was on that Orlando trip is now my husband. He was my boss at the time. We didn't start dating until three years later. After he lost the ponytail, I might add.)


Whenever I visited my late grandmother in the seniors' home where she lived, I took my guitar. My grandmother's mind was going, and her memory really failing, but she always remembered "the girl with the guitar" and that I was family. Once when I stopped in she was in the living room of the home, with other residents, and asked me to play my guitar and sing for them. I knew all of three songs at the time, so gamely launched into the Indigo Girls' "Closer to Fine." There was an old man who was staring straight ahead, but nodding his head in time to the music, and I was thrilled that I was actually reaching him. Then I finished playing and his head kept bobbing. I hadn't reached him at all, his head just nodded constantly due to Parkinsons. I was crushed. Everybody else clapped, though, all four of them.


I own the entire run of Dazzler comics 1-42. And am slowly collecting the issues of Uncanny X-Men and other Marvel titles in which she makes an appearance. Because I am a giant dork. 

But how can you not love a mutant superhero whose power is to transmute sound (not just any sound - DISCO MUSIC) into light beams so powerful they stun opponents and stop bad guys from being able to do bad guy things? I ask you.

So there are my Five Random Facts About Me. Elan also tagged Vikki, Susan, Suebob, and Eden. You should check them out. Excellent humans, all of them. For my turn, I'm tagging Karen, Tracey, Gwen, Sharon, and Brandee! (Also excellent humans.) Join us, won't you?


Things I'm Doing - Year of Making 7-14/365

Just because I haven't been documenting it here every day doesn't mean I haven't been making. It's likely all the time spent making that's prevented me from documenting it here.

So, an update:


I made myself a bullet journal, following the lead of Kim Werker, again. If I seem a bit fangirl about her, well, it's because I am. She's an awesome human, and has a new book out called Make it Mighty Ugly. Get you some. (I will be, as soon as the giant sucking sound of all the money leaving my account for Imp's school tuition fades into background noise again.)


Worked some more on Imp's blanket. It can no longer be mistaken for a scarf.


On day nine, I made this photo of the world's most beautiful child* on his first day of first grade.


Along with back to school, I got back to the routine of meal planning, a weekly grocery shop, and putting proper meals on the table after a summer of beach picnics and bike rides to concession stand french fries and other delicious fun and unregretted shenanigans. Dinner on day ten:

Roasted lemon chicken thighs with cranberry almond couscous.

Must remember to post the recipe at my dairy-free food blog!


For what feels like the first time in ages, I made some music on my guitar.


Worked some more on Imp's blue blanket. Progress is slow, but steady.


I made this school year's first batch of granola bars for school lunches and snacks.

Which brings us to today.


More granola bars (I like to have a stash of them in the freezer), dairy-free banana bread, and tonight's dinnner:

Vegetarian chili for all my friends!

Now I think I'll work on Imp's blanket some more.

*Your mileage may vary.


Things I'm Doing - Year of Making 6/365

Today's making: more of Imp's blanket. Starting to see real progress on it, and I love that Imp checks in every day and holds it up to his face to see how soft it is. I can't wait until it's finished.


Tomorrow will be all about meal planning and cooking ahead. Granola bars, banana bread, veggie chili, and whatever else I can think of to get us through the first week of school that starts on Tuesday. All summer we've been kicking it freestyle with picnic-style dinners and eating out. Time to get back to routine.