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Things That Matter - Creating Space

Finally, finally, finally starting to get the apartment looking the way I want it to. The public areas of the apartment have been fine - a quick tidy before company arrived and no one would ever know the state of our master bedroom and ensuite, which were a hoarders-meets-storage wars gong show. 

A couple of months ago, I decided I needed 10 square feet in this home where I didn't have to clean up after anyone but myself, so I kicked HWSNBN out of the ensuite he'd laid claim to almost ten years ago. It's now MY bathroom, and what a lovely, clean, serene space it is. All ten square feet of it. 

Then I got rid of enough stuff to say goodbye to a monstrously large armoire, and instead put a desk in the space where it had been. Another six square feet of my own space, to do my own thing. 

A few days ago I did a major purge/declutter of our bedroom, and it's at long last starting to look like a bedroom instead of a storage locker people happen to sleep in. Progress!

I feel like I've lost 20 pounds. It's so hard to get started with the organizing and the purging, but once I get going, I'd happily give away or throw out everything in my house. Except my guitar. And a persian carpet or two.

Today, Imp got a new bed. I've been wanting to get him a loft bed with a desk under it for ages. We live in 900 square feet; we need to use every bit of space we have efficiently.

I think he likes it.


Things That Are True - Pre-Nostalgia and a Sleeping Little Boy

The Imp crawled into my lap on the couch this evening, and both of us promptly fell asleep. That's an improbable thing, given that the boy has become all elbows and knees and acute angles, and impossibly long. But there we were, so soundly asleep that HWSNBN took a picture of us before he turned out the light. If Imp hadn't started snoring, we'd probably be there still.

Even after his snoring woke me up, and my back started to ache and my neck started to protest, I stayed there. So soon he won't want to seek comfort in my arms. So soon he'll be embarrassed to be seen with me. So soon I'll be longing for these moments, nothing but memories. 

But then he started to drool on me. That'll kill the pre-nostalgia mood in a hurry.



Grace in Small Things - Productive Sunday Edition

Inspired, as ever, by Schmutzie's Grace in Small Things:

1) Today I ticked one thing off on this 2014 bucket list completely, and got a good start on three others. (I charged my fitbit and started using it again, found a mole recipe I'm going to make this week, purged six boxes of crap from our bedroom, and uploaded about a third of the remaining CDs to the cloud.) Progress!

2) We went to see a movie together as a family this afternoon and all enjoyed it. If you go see Big Hero 6, stay through the credits.

3) There is sun in the forecast - meaning we won't have to get soaking wet to attend the Remembrance Day service at Victory Square on Tuesday.

4) Yesterday I got to spend almost all day with a friend I rarely get to see. And there was food, and it was good.

5) This afternoon The Imp decided to give us a percussion concert. He set up drums in his room (a djembe, a red three ring binder, and a pillow), made us tickets complete with bar code and row/seat numbers, created a pretend ticket scanner, scanned our tickets, led us to our seats (on his bed, in the row behind his stuffies) and proceeded to beat on his "drum kit" with sticks and his hands in a rhythmic manner. It was entirely charming. The Imp really is a delightful little sprog most of the time.

And that's what I'm grateful for this moment.